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Complete Service,

Here at DJ PeterD we don't just provide music or lights or just MC roles, we provide SERVICE.

What does it mean?

Well let me explain one of our recent weddings in July 2017 at Eagle Ridge Weddings.

Our lovely couple lived in QLD so the first thing we did was spend time on FaceTime to meet them then this was followed up with a personal visit to QLD to sit with them to plan their day.

Yes we help plan the FULL day not just what music to play, we spent many hours planning their structure for the day from the morning right through to the end of the night.

This couple wanted to have special moments created throughout the event and we helped create those moments.

We had comments from guests that it was the best entertainment they had ever seen at a wedding.

Without going into all the details we included at least 5 moments to add to their day to make all the difference.

So when you ask for a price from an entertainment provider also ask them what is included in the service as we promote here at DJ PeterD its about the service not about the loudest speakers or the most lights its a service that will make the difference to your event.

So if you would like more information please contact us for one of the best services for DJ in Mornington, MC in Mornington, Award winning DJ MC


Big National Award win for DJ PeterD

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In March 2016 we took out the honour of claiming first position based on past clients votes for the past 4 years 2012/13/14/15 as Master of Ceremonies with ABIA on a National level and were ranked in the Top 5 for DJ Nationally.

We are very proud of this achievement as it means so much to us here at DJ PeterD that you are past clients took the time to vote for our service and felt we are worthy of such a high ranking.

For your next event contact us your DJ in Mornington and now also National Award winning MC DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus.

Thanking you all from DJ PeterD

Top 5 DJ1 Master of Ceremonies


Changes happening at DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus

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At DJ PeterD we value quality and when we promise something we must deliver.

To make sure we can deliver what we promise we have decided to take on less bookings and have less staff so we can give more to YOU.

We have appointed Airwize so we can offer professional guaranteed Dancing on a cloud and even fireworks through them, but we take care of the bookings for you.

Plus we have added more services to our packages so contact us today to find out what is available.

Due to our changes we are getting booked out earlier than before so if you are looking for an award winning and quality DJ in Melbourne or DJ in Mornington, Sorrento you should call us as soon as you have set a date as we are now getting bookings 18 months or more ahead.

DJ Pete is looking forward to helping as many of you as possible so if you would like more information call one of the best DJs in Mornington and as voted by brides and grooms one of the Best DJs in Melbourne and MC in Melbourne too.

DJ Pete 




How important is professional entertainment

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For most people it seems to be a surprise how much impact entertainment has at a wedding. 

Firstly I must stress that everyone has their own opinion and has their own priority of what is important to them for their day.

It seems there is a major push to have a pretty setup and decorate the ceremony area with all sorts of designs, then over to the reception.

At the reception people are stressing about the decorations on the tables, the flowers on the bridal table the bunting on the lolly buffet and how grand the cake looks.

Do any of these items actually make your guests dance? or do they actually make a lasting impression on your guests and that people end up talking about them for months to come?

Part of the above I am sharing from a comment a close friend of mine Bruce Harrison from Harrison Events made at the 2015 ABIA awards night

As I stated if these are important to you please make sure you get what you want, for those that don’t understand what serious entertainment suppliers can do for you let me explain.

A true entertainer can and will provide the right mood and atmosphere by using their talent and any other tools they may have in their bag.

Many entertainers are there from before your ceremony right through to the end of the night.

Many guests will rave about the one-liners that your professional Master of Ceremonies has used and how much fun they had on the dance floor thanks to the great music provided by the entertainment.

The entertainment is a huge part of the day and night including in some cases your rock to lean on when things are getting stressful prior to the day and on the day.

Here at DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus your wedding DJ in Mornington we help take the stress out of your day.



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Hot of the press:
The team at DJ PeterD are proud to say we were Runner up in the Master of ceremonies category with a score of 99.49% WOW
and top 5 for DJ category with a result of 99.21% again very happy.

A big thank you to our crew, Kerry, Phil, Paul and Warren and a massive shout out to Nikki who is Pete's backbone and does so much on the business.

So for a DJ in Mornington or even DJ in Sorrento and one of the best DJs in Melbourne and MC in Melbourne give us a call and we will be happy to chat with you and show you how we can help make your event YOUR's


Moving with the times

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Here at DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus we are constantly looking at the future and learning from our past to help improve our services and what you may expect from us.
We have introduced event pricing rather than charge by the hour and we are always looking at how we can give you that WOW or 1% extra factor at your event.

If you are just looking for a dude that comes to play music we are not the one, but if you are looking for a supplier that can and will make the difference give us a call.

We are known as the DJ in Mornington and DJ in Sorrento and also as a multi award winning DJ on the Peninsula.

Check out more at either www.easyweddings.com.au or at www.abia.com.au


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