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I have just finished a weekend of work and some interviews and I'm still hearing of bad stories with DJ's.

For goodness sake people, if you want a reliable professional, be prepared to pay for one.
Check out www.djaa.com.au for a variety of professional members.

I have heard people say to expect to pay from $500 for a wedding DJ... make that more like $650 as a base cost and upwards for DJ's that will do extra lighting, interviews and who know how to run an event.

The DJ Alliance Australia is a committee run group of professional DJ Entertainers from around Australia who joined forces to create a quality benchmark for their industry.

As a client, it gives you peace of mind that when you hire an accredited DJAA Member you can be assured of quality. All members adhere to a code of ethics and go through a number of reference checks before being approved as a member. 

The DJ Alliance of Australia was originally founded by James Cottingham and Peter De Wever in early 2010 and with a clear passion for the industry the team set out to help raise the standards of mobile DJ's within Australia.

After networking with other professional DJ's in the industry the membership base grew to approximately 14 members across Australia in early 2012. With a clear vision and plan proposed for the future growth of the DJAA, Peter and James agreed to form a committee of members who would help shape the direction and growth of the DJAA with the overall aim being to establish Australia's first DJ Association.

The goals are simple... To set a high standard for mobile DJ’s, Club/Pub DJ’s and Specialist DJ’s to adhere to in order to give venues and potential clients an informed choice of quality DJs. 

If you need any information just call 0410105542 or read more for more information on DJ Alliance Australia.

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