What to look for when hiring a DJ

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Firstly I would NOT ask for a playlist or for a list of all their songs or if you can come see them perform.

A true professional mobile DJ is experienced at reading crowds and they need the flexibility to decide what fits best at whatever moment on the day or night.

By all means you need to let the person you book know KEY tracks or artists you want to hear as this will also give them insight to what you like and the style you like. 

Now to the list of what to ask: 

How long have you worked in the industry?

How many wedding have you done?

Is this your full time job?

Is all your music legally purchased?

Do you have all styles of music?

Can you cater for all styles as well as nationality?

Do you have public liability? (Seriously this can stop them from entering some venues)

Is all the equipment maintained and safe from any defects and do you have back up plans? (This counts for equipment failure as well as sickness)

Do you travel? If so is there any distance limit?

Do you have any references or any accreditation?

Do you meet with us and is there a limit on the meetings?

What is included in your package/service


If all answers are yes you are onto a good chance and our personal view is that if you feel there is a connection and that you feel you can trust this person just ask how much the deposit is and book them in!!!


I get asked all the time, how far out should we book you?

My response is if you want me personally book if you feel I am right for you as many people are now booking their preferred entertainment as far as 2 years out and with October, November, January, February, March and April being the busiest times dates to fill fast.


I hope this helps clear up what really should be asked as there are so many people confused with what a DJ/MC really is and what we do.


Our next blog will be on what a DJ and MC really does and how they can make the difference.


Yours truly,

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