Amanda & Justin

November 2011

Dear Peter,

Thank you for being such a huge part of our wedding day and preparations. We had a ball!
The wedding and reception were such fun, joyous events and turned out just as we had hoped - we just wish it could have gone on longer! We truly valued not only your awesome DJ and MCing skills, but also your genuine interest in making our wedding day reflect who we are.........and your cheeky hijinks!

All your suggestions of not only music and event order, but also other wedding suppliers and general advice were invaluable. You and Nikki really did make the lead up to the wedding easy and fun - even choosing our songs was easy!

We couldn't have asked for more on our wedding day! Not only did you do a great job at keeping the dance floor pumping (we had great comments from young and old alike and had people stay to the very end in spite of the fact that they had to drive 2+ hours home, all because "the music was so good"), but you also kept the funny and lively atmosphere running through your MCing AND you were there for everything we needed from the time we arrived at the wedding.

Your help in keeping us/events on track, ushering people around, holding my veil out of the bridesmaids face and cleaning the bird poo off the groom (without laughing......too much) and generally supporting us was phenomenal, and went well above and beyond your job description and we will be eternally grateful!

You are a legend!!!

Amanda and Justin (6th November 2011)

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