Mount Martha Pre School

Hello Peter, 

We would like to thank you for your support. Thank you again for a great night! Your generosity helps provide wonderful learning resources for our children and their community kinder. Please find attached a certificate of appreciation for your support of our Kinder.  

Mount Martha Pre School is teaching our children from a young age the importance of the environment and we would like to lead by example. We endeavour to go paperless as much as we can, hence this email :) 

We know not every business has got the room to hang up our thank you note, but we still wanted to show our gratitude and therefore send you this email. If you would like a hard copy (laminated), please let me know and we can organise that for you without any problems. 

Again, a big THANK YOU from us all! 

Petra Gallagher

Fundraising Coordinator


Mount Martha Pre School

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